New album project — é v a p o r a t i o n — mixed, looking for a good home  — (label submissions accepted)

EMPTY THE EARTH VAMPIRE POOL now available on Bandcamp

     SLAM by Partho Sen-Gupta – music by Eryck Abecassis, screening in France end 2021

ANIMAL ÉLECTRIQUE –  new record – Eryck Abecassis and Reinhold Friedl at MEGO éditions – digital release and LP available here!

(cover photo© Eryck Abecassis, layout by Nik Colk Void)

reviewed on the Wire #443




SIAMOISES now shipping (CD Fragment Factory-frag51) new solo works for double-necked bass&guitar and modular syntheziser – SIAMOISES press text next concerts June 2021


(cover photo© Eryck Abecassis, layout by Michael Muennich)






MACADAM ANIMAL — Australian Tour  – The Rats – January 30  at Sydney Opera House Utzon Room –  “La Nuit des Idées“ currated by Institut Français…. January 31 –  same program in Byron Bay – Festival Byron Writers








LA FRANCISCA, UNA JUVENTUD CHILENA,  dir. Rodrigo Littoriaga – soon screening -, watch the trailer here

A L’OMBRE DES ARBRES (Fr-Chili), dir. Matias Rojas Valencia –   Mandra Films productions  – in post production                                      

ALEXANDER COMPLEX (Ireland) dir. Neasa Nì Chianàin – Soilziu Films – in post production

BIG PHARMA, Labo Tout Puissants (France) Claire Lasko and Luc Hermann – Première Lignes TV – watch the replay on ARTE


FALLS (CD-Mikroton) Eryck Abecassis/Lars Åkerlund  2019/ nominated “Best Exp. Music 2019“  Swedish  Alternative Music

Mondes Dérangés* /electroacoustic, 2003/

Skylamp** /cristal Baschet & electronics, 2006/
two pieces now available as digital release on Bandcamp
thanks to: *Ensemble Fa / **Catherine Brisset





NEXUS ATTRACTION (LP)  Five new electronic compositions for synthesizers –  Entr’acte – estimated release date: unkown