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ERYCK ABECASSIS is a composer, musician, electric guitar player who undertakes his work in several fields from orchestral to chamber music, electronic, theater, street theater , movies. he has obtained commands from Radio-France, Gmem, Ina-Grm, Grame, French governement. His music has been played in International music festivals of "PrĂ©sences", "Les musiques-Marseille", "Musiques en scènes-Lyon ","Amplitude- festival Denmark","Computer art festival - Padova " and some others. As an electronic musician he travels in many countries like Spain, Brasil, Germany, Austria, England, Sweden, South Korea, Italy... Digging his style now at the edges of contemporary and electronic "noise music", with a large use of the computer, both in writing process and like a musical instrument. For some time, his interest grow for the outside, like streets, public areas, unconventional spaces but also lands.

Nominated for the program "CulturesFrance Hors les murs" 2011 - Villa Médicis


Video : Sleaze Art (bass unit) is my last project with Kasper Toeplitz, Frederick Galiay, Jean-Baptiste Hanak. This is a four bass ensemble, lots of strings through lots of pedals, analog synth modules, objects, computer etc...


Safety First - teaser


Theater - Les Enfants de la Terreur - collaboration with artistic director Judith Depaule - Cie Mabel Octobre - I'll compose the music, which will be played by myself with double neck guitar/bass and modular synthesizer and Melanie Frisoli with electric guitar and complex pedalboard