DUO                                    Reinhold Friedl x Eryck Abecassis,  inside piano thunder and modular lyricism – Akousma, Maison de la Radio studio 104  June 1st

MACADAM ANIMAL          Watch the complete filmed show in MC93 : here 

FILMS                                 SLAM –  directing by Partho Sen-Gupta (2018) – music by Eryck Abecassis – Sydney Film festival 05-16 June 2019                                                            LA FRANCISCA first collaboration with Chilian director Rodrigo Littorriaga –  now : post-production                                                                New documentary on painter Yan Pei-Ming –  directing by Michel Quinejure – now : editing

SOLO                                 On Tapage Nocturne (France-Musiques)  I played Beat Magma II (solo modular synth)

PODCAST                           Macadam Animal in Le Cri du Patchwork by Clément Lebrun ITW(fr) + music extracts — France Musiques

SIAMOISES                         New hybrid project for twin-necked bass//guitar and synthesizer. Check the video teaser above and listen

the Siamoises project will be released on Fragment Factory during spring 2019      

RELEASES                           FALLS (CD-Mikroton) Eryck Abecassis/Lars Åkerlund  2019/ Check ! forthcoming new solo electronic pieces

Unexplained Sounds Group – two original tracks on a forthcoming double cd – AFRICA MUSIC / out : 2019